Process Timeline

A strategic plan sets the course for any organization. When you are clear about where you want to go, it is more likely to be achieved.

That is why a strategic plan must belong to everyone who is part of the organization. Sharing a vision and feeling part of the actions that will lead to making it a reality is an essential element in the success of an organization.

The preparation of the 2022-2025 Regional Plan was a task in which all those who so wished joined. There are many of us who are part of the Interamerican Scout Region. Regardless of the role we play in each of the 34 national Scout organizations that comprise it, our role as members of the Interamerican Scout Committee or as professional staff of the Regional Office, we all were called to contribute.

Although it is true that this collaborative spirit has been present in the processes of elaboration of previous regional plans, today, thanks to digital technology we can participate even more. This space is made for it. It is a living space that has evolved as the various stages progressed.

The call for active participation is more present today than ever. Let's go from seeing it rain to turning into rain.

On the way to the
28th Interamerican Scout Conference

The Interamerican Scout Conference kicks off the 2022-2025 Regional Plan and promotes the fulfillment of the commitments by the NSOs, the Interamerican Scout Committee and the Interamerican Support Center with the Regional Plan.